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Foch Reserve (incl. GST, Liquor Tax and bottle deposit)

Foch Reserve (incl. GST, Liquor Tax and bottle deposit)

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GST/HST Included

THE WINE This semi-bold red wine has aromas of spicy black cherry, nuances of toasted oak, in some cases toasted wheat, mocha, fresh coffee, bitter chocolate, vanilla bean and musk. Foch wines are particularly noted for their deep red blood-colour. Enthusiasts often compare aged Marechal Foch with red burgundy, but the variety is probably more akin to spicy Beaujolais. Pleasantly tart and a lively mouth feel. Following fermentation and settling in our stainless-steel tanks for 12 months,


SOMMILIER TASTING SUMMARY Fruit forward with gentle tannins and high acidity

  • The nose—raisins, hints of coffee & musk
  • The finish is long


FOOD PARING Because of its acidity it is a food friendly wine. Serve with duck and pork plates with pistachios and with mid-weight dishes such a s lamb, burgers and red sauce pasta. Also complements grilled salmon, tuna, jambalaya, steak and sharp cheeses. Serve at room temperature


THE GRAPE Made from our well tended Maréchal Foch grapes, a popular hybrid cold hardy and disease resistant blue-black grape variety. It is classified as a teinturier, a kind of red grape variety where both the skin and the flesh of the grape is a deep red colour. This makes for deeply coloured wines. Maréchal Foch is a perfectly suited grape variety for the climate of hot days and cool nights of the Shuswap.


PARENTAGE Marechal Foch was bred in France in the 1910’s by Eugene Kuhlmann, who crossed a Goldriesling and a native American Vitis riparia-rupestirs to create “Kuhlmann 188-2” It was named after Marechal Ferdinand Foch, a prominent French General of the First World War who handled the Armistice negotiations to end the war.


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