2020 Portentous

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THE GRAPE Made from our well tended Maréchal Foch grapes, a popular hybrid cold hardy and disease resistant blue-black grape variety. It is classified as a teinturier, a kind of red grape variety where both the skin and the flesh of the grape is a deep red colour. This makes for deeply coloured wines. Maréchal Foch is a perfectly suited grape variety for the climate of hot days and cool nights of the Shuswap.

PARENTAGE - Marechal Foch was bred in France in the 1910’s by Eugene Kuhlmann, who crossed a Goldriesling and a native American Vitis riparia-rupestirs to create “Kuhlmann 188-2” It was named after Marechal Ferdinand Foch, a prominent French General of the First World War who handled the Armistice negotiations to end the war.

THE WINE Portentous is a fortified ruby wine made from our Marechal Foch grapes and fortified with grape spirits to enhance the alcohol level. Aged for 18 months in French Oak barrels, this Port-style wine has a soft, rich texture with aromas of chocolate and oak.

FOOD PARING Enjoy as a dessert or sipping wine. It is also excellent when paired with Blue Cheese.

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