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Marg's Rose (case of 12-$16.90/bottle) + GST + $0.10/bottle deposit

Marg's Rose (case of 12-$16.90/bottle) + GST + $0.10/bottle deposit

SKU: 881433
GST/HST Included

THE WINE Our coral pink Rosé is a well-balanced blend of our finest hand-picked grapes - Ortega and Siegerrebe with a touch of Marechal Foch.


FOOD PARING Delicious with lamb kabobs, salmon, and stuffed pork medallions. Barbeque friendly. Wonderful floral aromas of sweet strawberries and gala apples. A favourite for brunch and festive occasions. Serve well chilled.


THE GRAPES Siegerrebbe: German white cold -climate grape variety. Long hot summer days and cool evenings which is what these grapes need. This is an early ripening grape and is ideally suited to the Shuswap climate. Siegerrebe vines have a late season bud burst and ripen in early September. Siegerrebe is a record holder for must weight -- clusters are gigantic. The grape has a redish-pink skin. Ortega is a grape variety used for white wine. Oretaga has a pale green skin and is also used as a table grape. Maréchal Foch is a popular hybrid cold hardy and disease resistant blue-black grape variety. It is classified as a teinturier, a kind of red grape variety where both the skin and the flesh of the grape is a deep red colour. This makes for deeply coloured wines. Maréchal Foch is a perfectly suited grape variety for the climate of hot days and cool nights of the Shuswap.


PARENTAGE Siegerrebe comes from a cross between Gewurztraminer and Madelaine Angevine grapes. Oretega was created in 1948 by Hans Breider at Bayersishcen Landesanstalt in Wurzburg. It is a cross between Müller-Thurgau and Siegerrebe. Breider chose the variety name in honour of the Spanish Poet and philosopher Jose Ortega y Gasset Marechal Foch was bred in France in the 1910’s by Eugene Kuhlmann, who crossed a Goldriesling and a native American


Vitis riparia-rupestirs to create “Kuhlmann 188-2” It was named after Marshall Ferdinand Foch, a prominent French General of the First World War.

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